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Thank You For Your Submission and Application

To maintain a unique show, we offer auditions for dancers in the following categories:

1. Mejance – to open the show – Orientale

2. Egyptian Folkdance – Escanderani (Melaya Lef)

3. Egyptian Folkdance – Baladi or Taxsim

4. Egyptian Folkdance – Saidi

5. Moroccan dance – Tray, Candle, or Folk

6. Turkish Dance - Orientale

7. Persian Gulf - Iraqi/Khaligi

8. Modern Prop – Wings, Shamadan, Fan Veils, or another prop.

9. American Tribal/Fusion​

After the auditions, finalists will be notified, and a rehearsal will be scheduled.  

Questions?  Contact Lucia ( or Nataliya at


Thank you for supporting this exciting, historical event. We look forward to sharing this amazing journey in dance with you.

Lucia and Nataliya

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