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Nataliya founded ROBD Studio in 2011. She is an international award-winning performer, instructor, choreographer, and event producer.

She started her career in dance at the age of six with a solid foundation in the art of ballet and folklore routines.

In the Summer of 2004, Nataliya was introduced to Oriental dance. Soon after, she joined Irina
Shaporenko School of Oriental Dance in Eastern Ukraine. It is there where she received her profound training and discipline within the dance.

Over the years she grew into a well-rounded dancer, successfully competed, and winning competitions in Ukraine. She participated in multiple international and USA shows and events  Her favorite dance styles include Egyptian Raqs Sharqi and Folklore.

In 2011 ROBD Studio was established in Chula Vista, Eastlake. The studio quickly grew and became successful by offering a variety of belly dance classes, workshops, presentations, and productions.


The studio grew as a recognized industry leader in teaching Raqs Sharqi, Egyptian, and Non-Egyptian Folklore, Fusion Belly Dance, as well as Body Ballet Fitness programs focusing on strengthening and cardio.

Nataliya's unique teaching style allows her students to successfully perform and compete within the USA with beautiful choreographies taught by Nataliya.

ROBD Studio Productions creates space for student annual recitals and eye-catching monthly shows for both the local audience and virtual audiences from around the world.


Nataliya welcomes all lovers of Middle Eastern dance to her studio to share space in the spirit of dance.