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Lucia Enterprises and ROBD Studio present a theatrical, historical dance show “DANCE OF THE MIDDLE EAST” on October 24, 2021 – at Sufi. This is a professional event and selected dancers will be paid for their 5-minute performance. Submissions must include only one dancer in the video. No groups.


Location: Sufi Restaurant

5915 Balboa Ave, San Diego, CA 92111

The deadline for video submission is September 30, 2021, 11:59 PM PST.

To maintain a unique show, we offer auditions for dancers in the following categories:

1. Mejance – to open the show – Orientale

2. Egyptian Folkdance – Escanderani (Melaya Lef)

3. Egyptian Folkdance – Baladi or Taxsim

4. Egyptian Folkdance – Saidi

5. Moroccan Dance – Tray, Candle, or Folk

6. Turkish Dance - Orientale

7. Persian Gulf - Iraqi/Khaligi

8. Modern Prop – Wings, Shamadan, Fan Veils, or another prop.

9. American Tribal/Fusion​


The show will be filmed at Sufi Restaurant on October 24, 2021, and a recorded video will be released a few days after the event. Participants receive publicity on our website (venue may change based on COVID rules/policies)


A professional video of your individual performance will be available to purchase for $20.

IMPORTANT: Before starting your registration, please have your video completed and ready to upload on the next page.

Please start by registering yourself below. All fields must be completed. The next page will provide you all the information and instruction on submitting your audition video




IMPORTANT: Please complete this step before moving to step 2

Auditions will be conducted based on performance videos. Music (approximately 5 minutes). Please, perform in a costume.

Auditions – we welcome refreshing, enthusiasm, and beauty in dance with an emphasis in:

  1. Your stage presence – confidence, communication, and expression, be dynamic!

  2. Choreography and technique – Musical interpretation and authenticity in dance with smooth transitions.

  3. Costuming – Professional, flattering costume, appropriate for dance style.

  4. Music choice – Beautiful, melodic music that is appropriate for dance style.

Please prepare your audition video and click on the link below to submit. Please complete this step before moving to the next step.



IMPORTANT: If you are selected to participate. You will be paid through PayPal. It is important that you enter your correct PayPal information to receive payment.

Your Information is secure and will never be shared. By submitting this form you agree to all Dance of the Middle East Terms of Use


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